Plow Specifications:
Weights: 52”= 92.35 lbs. 60”= 99.11 lbs. 72”=
107.19 lbs
Powdercoat: 1000 hr salt spray/UV rated

Electric Actuator:
Force: 650lbs of force in both directions
Speed: 1” per second
Features: Nitrotec® treated shaft for superior
corrosion resistance and
40% greater cross strength
Auto reset thermal protection
Mechanical torque limiter
Integrated manual override

Wiring Harness:
Industrial membrane switch technology
Automotive sealed connectors
In-line 20amp fuse
Universal mounting
“Bull Dozer” position: Ability to “lock” blade in
position while grading dirt/gravel to prevent
constant blade tripping
Trip Springs: 4 custom designed, 1-1/4” diameter,
Clear Zinc plated finish
Skids: Disc type
Rotates 360° for longer wear

Wear Bar:
3/16” thickness / grade 50 steel
Plow Features and Benefits:
Heavy duty mounting plates for specially designed
for all mini truck models
No reduction of ground clearance / eliminates
push tubes
Quick connect and disconnect using standard 1-
1/4” receiver mount
16 gage cold rolled steel with 4 vertical support ribs
Replaceable moldboard / wear bar
Powder coated finish with 1000 hrs salt spray
rating & 5000 hr UV protection
10” stroke heavy duty electric actuator
650lbs of force in both directions enables back
drag capability & prevents the plow from “climbing
over" the icy surface
True year round plow with ability to grade dirt and
plow snow
Plow can be raised 17” for easy vehicle movement
/ trailer loading
Industrial rated membrane switch technology with
automotive sealed connectors
4 custom designed trip springs for better shock
absorption and control
Heavy duty 3/8 thick, 360 degree rotating skids for
longer life
Versatile 3 position blade angle
Blackline Specifications & Installation Information
72" Plow Blade
Actuator Lift
Frame Assy
60" Plow Blade
Actuator Lift
Frame Assy
Commercial Duty
and Regular Duty
Power Angles