1.  How is Camoclad produced?

This and a few other things are what really sets us apart form the copy cats and knock off's.  Our camouflage graphics
are screen printed.  Camoclad camouflage graphics are professionally printed using modern screen printing equipment
and methods.  We print our graphics to 3M vinyl using 3M color ink system.  Screen printing is widely recognized as the
superior printing method for outdoor durability.  Electrostatic or thermal transfer printing methods used by the competition
are weak and will not last.

2.  Will extreme heat or cold affect the Camoclad?

No, heat and cold will have no effect on properly applied Camoclad graphics.  From the great Alaskan tundra to the
deserts of the American southwest, Camoclad will continue to hold up and look great in all weather conditions.

3.  Will Camoclad fade?

Camoclad camouflage graphics carry a 4 year warranty against fading.  Camoclad uses all 3M fade resistant inks.  So far
we have had Camoclad on for 10 years with no signs of fading.

4.  Can I Camoclad over rust spots?

Camoclad will not adhere properly to rust.  You'll need to sand the rust smooth and apply primer paint, then apply the
camo once the paint has thoroughly dried.  If your truck needs some body work, just repair the damaged areas and spot
paint with automotive primer.

5.  Will the decals come off?

If properly applied, your Camoclad graphics should stay put in-definitely.  However, problems may develop around the
edges or curves where the vinyl has been stretched.  When vinyl is stretched, it has a tendency to shrink back.  So, when
applying to convex shapes, use relief cuts and patch per the applications instructions.  Should you can wash your vehicle
at a high pressure car wash, it's good advice to not aim the spray directly into the seams.

6.  Will Camoclad affect my vehicles paint job?

In most cases, Camoclad will not only make your vehicle look good, but also protect your paint job.  So if ou want to
remove Camoclad in 3 or 4 years, your vehicle should look the same as the day you put it on.  Camoclad has been
applied to vehicles all over the world and, with few exceptions, when Camoclad has been removed, the paint is not
affected and virtually no residue was left behind.

7.  How can I install Camoclad around corners without wrinkles?

Camoclad is made to not only adhere to your vehicle, but to itself as well.  Therefore, you can cut the Camoclad and
overlap it making for a nice, smooth finish.  These cuts are called relief cuts and are used when you can't get around
something without wrinkling the material.

8.  Will bubbles form in the vinyl while I apply it?  

Camoclad has added the Comply performance feature to minimize bubbles but if that happens, simply use a needle to
poke a very small hole at the base of the bubble, then push the air out with your thumb and it will look great.  However, if
you vehicle has been recently repainted, some bubbling may occur as a result of out gassing from the paint.  To avoid
this, allow at least 2 weeks for the paint to fully cure before applying any vehicle graphics.

11.  Will Camoclad withstand the abuse of daily driving?

Yes, and let me tell you, this stuff is tuff!  It is durable and will withstand lots of abuse.  As you can tell from some of the
pictures and customer comments, Camoclad will stand up to barrel rolling down a hill, but the truck doesn't always make it.

12.  Can I use it on a boat?

Camoclad "permanent" was developed with boats in mind.  Our customers have been successfully using Camoclad on
boats and other watercraft for many years.

13.  What is the warranty on Camoclad?

Camoclad Camouflage is warranted for 4 years against fading of the material.  The application of our products is not
warranted because conditions will vary.  However, with proper application, Camoclad has lasted 10 years and still

14.  Does Camoclad offer pre-cut kits for my particular truck, boat, ATV or...?

Yes we do.  We currently manufacture a pre-cut kit for Polaris ATV's.  We also manufacture pre-cut kits for shotguns.  
We have plans to manufacture a variety of pre-cut kits in the near future.  Camoclad Camouflage is warranted for 4 years
against fading of the material.  The application of our products is not warranted because conditions will vary.  However,
with proper application, Camoclad has lasted 10 years and still counting.

15.  I've seen similar products and they all seem to have a glossy or shiny finish.  Does Camoclad
have a glossy finish?

Absolutely not!  We manufacture Camoclad with our exclusive 3M approved clear coar for a no-gloss, no-glare, gasoline
resistant finish.  This is another area where we smoke the competition.  However, if a glossy finish is desired, Camoclad
has been designed to be receptive to automotive paints and can be professionally cleared coated over.
Camoclad Frequently Asked Questions