1.  Are these trucks street legal?

Yes and No, Due to EPA regulations these trucks are imported for agriculture and off road use and are not intended to be driven on
regular roads. However, because these trucks are equipped with high/low beam, safety restraints, tail and brake lights, and windshield
wipers some states will provide tags allowing them to be driven freely on regular roads.

2.  Can you get parts?

Yes, many standard parts can be obtained by just going to your local NAPA dealer, other harder to find parts can be ordered from Japan
and can be here within a week.

3.  Are these trucks new?

No, because of import laws it is illegal to import new Kei mini trucks from Japan, but because Japanese laws provide an incentive for
vehicle owners to buy newer vehicles earlier than we do here in the United States these vehicles have very low miles and have been very
well maintained.  Unlike in America, taxes and insurance costs increase as a vehicle gets older, which prompts owners to trade in their
vehicles earlier than we would expect.  This creates a surplus, and enables Americans to import these perfectly capable vehicles at low
prices.  Plus, the average Japanese vehicle is driven only 6,000 miles per year… meaning these vehicles have years of valuable life left
in them!  You can buy a few Japanese Mini Trucks for the cost of just one John Deere Gator or Kawasaki Mule!

4.  How do you get the trucks here from Japan?

Fremont mini trucks is a bonded, licensed importer and direct imports our trucks from Japan.  We work closely with our American agent in
Japan to insure that we bring to market the best quality trucks we can.

5.  How long does it take for trucks to arrive?

Typically it takes a full 6-8 weeks for trucks to arrive from Japan.

6.  Do you sell by the container?

Yes, please visit our dealers’ page for more details.

7.  What is a Mini Truck's average gas Mileage?

The typical Japanese Kei mini truck will get somewhere between 45-55mpg depending on modifications and how it is being used.

8.  How fast will these trucks go?

To meet strict import laws every truck coming into the states is equipped with a governor to cap the speed at 25mph. However, if the
governor were to be removed these trucks will operate in the 55mph range.

9.  What type of modifications are available for these trucks?

The versatility of these trucks allows for many modifications such as lift kits, snow plows, dump boxes, tire and rim kits, and camo wraps.